What is Bitblu?

Almost two and a half years ago Namecoin, the first altcoin, was born. It was an innovative answer to the current centralized domain system, and a form of diversification over Bitcoin. Since then, especially in the last six months, various alternatives to Bitcoin have been sprung up, and the entire crypto-currency field has grown, together with the alts.

A lot of the alt currencies do not bring any real innovation to the table, and as a result haven’t managed to capture any significant market share. However, several interesting alts have also emerged, including such alts as Namecoin, Litecoin, PPCoin, Primecoin and Freicoin. What’s common to all these alts is they genuinely try to improve upon certain features in Bitcoin, such as decentralizing mining or eliminating it altogether, fighting economic inequality, or DNS centralization. While Bitcoin remains the undisputed “king of crypto”, the future remains to be seen – whether Bitcoin will be the only crypto-currency remaining, will there be a mix of a few relevant coins, or whether another coin will take over as the leader is unknown at this point.

So, why should you care?

The alt currencies are not just full of innovation, they are also an opportunity. As a separate asset with some but not absolute correlation with Bitcoin, diversifying your investment portfolio into alts has the potential to decrease your risk level or increase your expected reward. Just like in the stock market, investing in each individual alt is a risky investment – riskier than Bitcoin in fact, because of their small market cap and high volatility. However, investing in a basket of currencies, or an index fund, is an easy way to get exposure to a variety of assets. Some of them might tank, but others may rise, and the overall index is less risky than the average risk of its composing assets.


Moving beyond alts, there are other elements worth considering in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Ripple is not technically an alt currency but rather an entire payment system, backed by a company that received significant VC investment. Bitcoin Mining, which began as a few hobbyist miners in basements, has evolved to become a full-fledged industry, which various companies and business models. Several stock exchanges now trade “virtual stocks” of companies, without the need for a costly full-fledged IPO (One such stock-exchange-traded company, SatoshiDice, was recently sold for a total of $12,000,000).

Investors who are interested in the crypto-currency ecosystem, and want to invest and diversify their investment and do more than just hold actual Bitcoins, do not have a good way to do it today. The process of creating and managing a well-rounded portfolio takes a lot of thought and effort, and is too prohibitive for the general population.

This is where we come in

Our vision and mission is to make this process as easy as logging into your online bank account and investing in the various stocks, bonds and indexes. We are building a unified platform to manage all kinds of crypto-currency investment. Bitblu will be a unique combination of simplicity and power – you will be able to build your portfolio within two minutes and always have full control over it. Whenever you want, will be able to easily adjust your investment according to the dynamic market trends.

Stay tuned – we have a lot more coming up, and we will start revealing the bits and pieces along the way. I’ll give you a quick sneak preview and say that our first “crypto index” is almost ready, and we are accepting early investors who want to participate in the private beta (more details soon). For more information, please contact us at info@bitblu.com and sign up for our beta at bitblu.com

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3 thoughts on “What is Bitblu?

  1. Its definitely a valuable and viable idea. Portfolio diversification is very important especially for traditional investors not used to crypto currencies..Simplicity is key and something a lot more entities involved in crypto need to practice

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